Friday, June 3, 2016

The Many Modes Of Melodic Minor (And Harmonic Too)

This week we took a look at a bunch of variant scales. There's a lot to process, so let's dive in!

1) To start, let's make sure you have the scale forms down! Give me the notes in each of the following scales:

  • C lydian #2
  • B dorian #4
  • A locrian natural 2
  • D lydian augmented
  • F# altered diminished
  • A# locrian natural 6
2) Let's talk about the scales we heard today. Were there any that stood out to you? Any you thought sounded particularly interesting? Could you see yourself writing with any of these? I think I gave away which one was my favorite, but what's yours?

3) Some of the scales from this video were ones we'd seen before, but there's still plenty more scales out there! Can you think of any scales we've covered that didn't appear here? Try to find some of their modes! See what happens! Try to play it if you can, hearing scales really helps.

And that's it! As always you can put your answers in the comments or on the main video, and we'll see you next week!

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