Friday, June 24, 2016

Polychords: Double Crossed

Polychords! Two chords for the price of one! Why not? Let's dive in!

As always, you can put your answers in the comments below or on the main video.

1) Take a look at each of the following polychords. Try to figure out how they overlap, looking especially for common tones and notes a half step apart. Try to guess how they sound. Do you think they'll sound pretty? Harsh? Take a guess, then listen to these recordings and see if you were right!

       F                    Eb                    A                     B
a)  ----            b)    ----           c)    ----           d)    ----
    F#mi                 D                   Ao7                 Emi

2) Now it's time to try some of your own! Pick two chords that you think might sound good together and give them a try! Did they work? Ok, now try two that you think will sound awful together and try those. How did they turn out? If you don't have access to a piano or music software, just post your polychords and I'll try to get you a sample audio!

3) Discussion time! What do you think of split chords? Do you think they should count as polychords? Do you think polychords even make sense at all when we can always describe them in other ways? Why or why not? Try not to let my views bias yours here: Music theory is a consensus-based field, so there's plenty of room for disagreement!

And that's it! See you next week!

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