Friday, July 24, 2015


More practice exercises! This time we'll test your understanding of syncopation. Post your answers in the comments below or on the video.

1) Are the following bass lines syncopated? Why or why not, and where does the syncopation occur? Some of these may be ambiguous, so it's more important to have a good reason for your answer than to get it exactly "right".

2) Let's look at anticipation and suspension. For each of the following progressions, do they feature anticipation, suspension, both, or neither? If they feature either, where does it occur? How can you tell if a syncopated attack is anticipated or suspended?

3) Write a syncopated rhythm of your own! If you play a pitched instrument, try putting a melody or harmony to your rhythm. If you have notation software you can write it out there and share it, but if not just tap it out on whatever surface is available. Try to get a feel for where your rhythm deviates from expected placement.

And that's it for syncopation! We'll see you next week!

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