Friday, March 25, 2016

6/4, Good Buddy

This week we covered the 6/4 chord, or some ways to use second inversion rooted in classical composition. Let's dive in!

1) First let's see if you can identify the different types. Below are 6 examples of auxiliary, passing, and cadential 6/4s. But which are which? Some have chord symbols to help, others don't.

2) Let's try some voicings. Below are some set-ups for various types of 6/4 chords. For each, I want you to tell me what each voice should be doing on the 6/4 chord itself. The first should be an auxiliary 6/4, the second passing, and the third cadential.

3) Finally... let's go for broke. The 6/4 chord is a classic figured bass technique, so let's try a figured bass exercise. below is a figured bass example that contains all three types of 6/4 chord. Try realizing it in four parts. Remember our four-part writing rules!

Good luck! Post your answers in the comments below or on the main video, and we'll see you next week!

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