Friday, January 29, 2016

Writing A Row

Since this week's episode was all about writing, we're gonna focus on that. Let's try writing rows in the various styles discussed! As always, put your answer in the comments below or on the main video.

1) Let's start with a random number generator. Go to and roll up a completely arbitrary row. Now take a look at the intervals: Do you see any patterns? Any emergent structures? Try playing it if you can: What do you hear? Does anything stand out to you?

2) Now let's try to write a row with intervals. pick an interval you like and try to write a row with about 5 to 7 of it. Play it: How does it sound?

3) Finally, let's look at derived rows. Pick a 3-note seed and try to figure out how to extrapolate it into a full derived row. (NOTE: You can build a derived row with any 3-note seed except for a diminished triad. Those don't fit.)

Post your results below, and we'll see you next week!

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